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The Harvest Pillows Story

"We were initiating the ultimate pillow talk that people were surprisingly not shy to talk about!" 

 The Harvest Pillows story is one of simplicity and passion. Rooted in the ethos of leading an authentic, well-rounded healthy lifestyle and remaining true to promoting sustainability, husband and wife team Elizabeth de Lange and James Trusler, embarked on a journey that would far exceed their expectations of what began as a two-year project. After fulfilling a personal desire to find a remedy for sleeplessness and recurring migraines, Elizabeth and James founded the company Harvest Pillows for one simple reason: to help others sleep better and live well.

Soon after discovering the many benefits of sleeping on buckwheat hull pillows, the couple began to wonder why they had not given more attention to their choice of pillows earlier. "As a society, we have begun to really understand the importance of taking care of our person, to treat our body as a temple. We are conscious of what we eat, how much exercise we get, the toxins to avoid, and the importance of mind and body balance. So why is it that so often, we still neglect to realize the immense importance of the quality of our sleep, the sleep patterns we keep, and the environments in which we slumber?" Sleep, after all, is one of the key ingredients to maintaining overall well-beingGetting a good nights sleep can make us feel balanced, grounded, and energized.

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