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Caring for your Harvest Pillow is a breeze! As buckwheat hull pillows are cool in temperature (reducing perspiration and dust mites), there is very little need to wash the actual hulls themselves.

We highly recommend double-casing your pillow in a breathable, 100% cotton pillow casing. With this, we suggest washing your casings, and simply air out the pillow from time to time. We like to place it outside on a windy, sunny day – sunlight is natural sanitizer.

When washing the pillow is a must, simply sponge with vinegar and water and choose a method of drying: You can either choose to put it in the dryer on the air fluff cycle, place it on top of your dryer while it is in use and continue to flip it until dry, or alternatively put it outside on a windy day. As the hulls have a great amount of air flow, your pillow will dry in no time! 


 * DO NOT machine wash, as the hulls are too heavy when wet.

* Note that discolouration of the cotton casing will occur over time due to the natural colour of the hulls.