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Our Story

A Family Affair

"We are initiating the ultimate pillow talk that people are surprisingly not shy to talk about!" 
 The Harvest Pillows story is one of simplicity and passion. Rooted in the ethos of leading an authentic, well-rounded healthy lifestyle and remaining true to promoting sustainability, husband and wife team Elizabeth and James embarked on a journey that would far exceed their expectations of what began as a two-year project. After fulfilling a personal desire to find a remedy for sleeplessness and recurring migraines, Elizabeth and James founded the company Harvest Pillows for one simple reason: to help others sleep better and live well.
Soon after discovering the many benefits of sleeping on buckwheat hull pillows, the couple began to wonder why they had not given more attention to their choice of pillows earlier. "As a society, we have started to shift and become more conscious of what we eat, how much exercise we get, the toxins to avoid, and the importance of mind and body balance; we understand the importance of taking care of our person, to treat our body as a temple. So why is it that so often, we still neglect the immense importance of the quality of our sleep, the nightly routines and patterns we keep, and the environments in which we slumber?Sleep, after all, is one of the key ingredients to maintaining overall health and well-beingGetting a good nights sleep can make us feel balanced, grounded, and energized.



Elizabeth and James began the business by setting up at mostly local markets and community events. Their thought was to initiate the conversation about sleep, what concerns and problems people were suffering from, and see if buckwheat hull pillows could, in fact, help. “Our pillows got people talking - they were curious and intrigued. We were initiating the ultimate pillow talk that people were surprisingly not shy to talk about!” muses Elizabeth.  




Since then, the business has grown immensely, relying mainly on word of mouth. “Our best method of selling is to not sell at all. We simply help people realize their need for a good quality pillow and let them decide what is best.” Through personal testimonials, recommendations from friends and family, and the many referrals from practitioners, the value and benefit of sleeping on a Harvest Pillows buckwheat hull pillow has undoubtedly fuelled the business, and Elizabeth and James’ desire to continue to create customer experiences that are worth having.
Harvest Pillows remains rooted in their commitment to community and the environment. “It is important to us to maintain our values, and put them into practice when it comes to our business.” From the beginning, they have given high priority to sourcing top quality organic Canadian buckwheat hulls, all natural cottons, and remain an entirely Canadian made company. “We pride ourselves on creating the lightest carbon footprint possible while remaining truly and authentically Canadian - and we think that matters.”
Happily working side by side, Elizabeth and James continue to grow as individuals, a couple, and as a company. “We are so grateful and gain immense fulfillment knowing how great an impact we have had on so many people’s lives — it is the reason we do what we do.”

“Simply put, we strive to lead an authentic, simple, and well-balanced life by taking extra care of the things that matter the most. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the key ingredients to achieving overall good health and well-being, and it is our goal to encourage as many people as possible to take a moment to ask themselves — am I getting a good nights sleep, every night? Do I feel well rested, energized, and positively greet the day?”

Unequivocally, and without hesitation, Harvest Pillows continues to embody the true spirit of living a holistic lifestyle and continues to encourage others to do the same.