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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Harvest Pillows' products made in Canada?
Are your buckwheat hulls organic?
Are buckwheat hulls a sustainable product?
What is the milling process of your buckwheat hulls?
How long will a Harvest Pillow buckwheat hull pillow last?
Do buckwheat hull pillows attract dust mites?
Does the buckwheat hull pillow make noise?
I have grain allergies, can I still use a Buckwheat Hull pillow?
How does it help snoring?
How long does it take to get accustom to a Buckwheat Hull pillow?
I sweat at night, will my buckwheat hull pillow make me hot?
How do I clean my buckwheat hull pillow?
Why is the buckwheat hull pillow so flat?
Does sleep position matter when using a buckwheat hull pillow?
Can I travel with my buckwheat hull Harvest Pillow?