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Prioritizing and properly choosing a good bed pillow is one of the most important elements for good quality sleep night after night.

Buckwheat hull pillows have several advantages over more traditional pillows such as foam or feather. Most significantly, buckwheat hulls provide malleable support, uniquely conforming to the curvatures of each individual’s neck, back, and shoulders, and providing proper support and alignment without deflating or flattening. They allow the spine to remain straight and neutral, which encourages better blood flow, and reduces stress on muscles and key pressure points. Buckwheat hull pillows adjust to your movements making sleep more comfortable and consistent, and often substantially lessening restless tossing and turning.

Sleeping on a buckwheat hull pillow allows for a cool and refreshing night’s sleep and a more energized day. Buckwheat hulls do not compress, but rather maintain their unique, resilient buoyancy allowing consistent air circulation.


Having a cooler pillow reduces night perspiration and “hot flashes,” and encourages more restful, sound sleeping. Harvest Pillows’ breathability also deters dust mites, which reject the pillow as inhospitable, preferring warm and humid places to dwell.

Originating in Japan centuries ago, buckwheat hull pillows (known there as sobakawa pillows) remain the pillow of choice in modern day Japan. With buckwheat hull pillows gaining  international attention and popularity, the quality of buckwheat hulls themselves has become an increasingly important consideration when choosing a buckwheat hull pillow. Harvest Pillows takes care to source organic Canadian buckwheat hulls that are “crack milled” and properly washed in order to provide top grade buckwheat hulls that remain completely in tact, malleable, large enough to allow good air circulation, dust free, and, most importantly, pesticide free. These are all careful considerations that will not only provide the best buckwheat hull pillow sleep experience, but will also ensure their longer-than-average lifespan, upwards of ten years.